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Absalom Bridges

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3rd great uncle
American Civil War

“Absalom is the ancestor who was given the land in Texas by Sam Huston as governor of the Republic of Texas because he ‘died in the defense of our people.’ He’s one of my favorite ancestors from the Bridges family. I’ve not been able to find any further information about Absalom’s death in Texas, but there are extensive records in Van Zandt Texas about the “Absalom Bridges” grant of nearly 1200 hectares of land and the complicated legal moves over the years. The land eventually ended up being owned by the Van Zandt oil company and was the centerpiece of the first big oil field developed in Texas.

Absalom was probably part of one of the brigades of riverboat men that formed and marched to the defense of Texas right after the Alamo was captured by the Mexicans. I have read that one brigade formed at Cincinnati and another in New Orleans, and I suspect both were present in the encounter where American volunteers were pretty much wiped out by Santa Ana. I’ve not found Absalom’s name listed anywhere in the accounts however. All we have is the card that was addressed to William Bridges, Absalom’s father, in Martin County Indiana notifying him of the grant, and then some letters from someone in St. Augustina County in Texas who found the land and filed the correct papers. Then there are letters to our GGGGrandfather, Denman Bridges, from some of his brothers and sisters about paying taxes etc.

We have the papers (well, I only have copies, but I know who has the originals) because William Bridges apparently saved every little scrap of any type of legal paper, William was living with Denman Bridges when the 1850 census was taken so we are told that he was born in SC in 1766. There are records on Ancestry.com and roots web that identify his father as being Aaron Bridges but that is NOT correct. I think he was part of the Bridges family in Lancaster County, Camden District North Carolina, but have no proof.”
– Contributed by Joan Bridges Adamson


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