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In American Civil War, Mathers on June 28, 2009 at 1:51 am


Private Grand Army of the Republic, August 25, 1862-April 13, 1863
American Civil War

Joyce, “On August 25, 1862, he enlisted as a volunteer private in Company G, 49th Regiment, serving a period of 9 months, and was discharged at Memphis, April 13, 1863, on account of disability arising from a wound received at Chickasaw Bayou. Member of the Grand Army of the Republic. Farmer, county office holder.

I haven’t looked up the time line, but I am wondering if the enlistment of these older Orange County farmers had something to do with Morgan’s raiders reaching Orange County. There were a lot of southern sympathizers in Orange County, so Grandpa said. They were called the Knights of the Golden Circle (or Golden something), and local folks kept an eye on them. Apparently it was assumed that these sympathizers would join Morgan as he came north, and he would be able to sweep on up through Indiana. As it happened, he was turned back in Orange County, and retreated south.”


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