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Morris Mundy

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US Army
Brother to Merlin Mundy


Kent Mundy

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US Navy

Had a sleep-walking accident in boot camp.

Robert Eugene Mundy

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Mundy, Robert Eugene

2nd cousin
Private First Class in 115 Military Police Corps., June 13, 1945-February 7, 1947
Grandson of Enos, Grandpa Mundy’s brother, and the son of Joe Mundy, Sr., Dad’s first cousin.

Source: “Huron Veterans Yearbook”

Robert Eugene Mundy
RR #2 Mitchell, Indiana
Entered Service: June 13, 1945
Theatre of Operations: Mediterranean
Rank: Private First Class
Decorations: Victory Medal; Army of Occupation Medal for Germany; Good Conduct Medal
Branch of Service: 115 Military Police Corps.
Discharged: February 7, 1947

Charles Ray Mundy

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US Army
World War II

I also learned from Gordon that Merlin’s uncle (Dad’s first cousin) was in the Army in WW II and served in France. His name was Charles Ray Mundy. Gordon said Ray told him about some of his experiences in France. I hadn’t remembered that he served.

Charles A. Wood

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Wood, Charles A

great uncle
Private in US Army, 1941-1943
World War II

…from the book on Lawrence County WW II and a few WW I vets. It belonged to Charlie Wood. His brother was in the Gold Star section. The brother died in a car wreck while in the service. In the photo of him, he is the one on the right. He was Ruth’s husband.

Stanley Mundy

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Mundy, Stanley

Born 1939
US Navy
Cold War

Nathan Levi Mundy

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Born 1983
2nd Lt. in US Army, 2006
Iraq War and Afghanistan

Nathan is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Justin Lee Mundy^

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Mundy, Justin L

6th cousin
Specialist in US Army
Gulf War

Son of Mike Mundy.

He served in OIF I (Operation Iraqi Freedom I) in March of 2003.

He was killed in Texas in an auto accident while in the Army.

Jim “Jimmie” Lee Mundy

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Mundy, Jim

Born 1946
5th cousin
US Marines
Vietnam War

Martin Mundy, “Son of Donna and Merlin Mundy. He volunteered for an extra tour in Vietnam, tried to do 3 but they wouldn’t let him. [I heard that he] beat up an officer at Great Lakes and went AWOL. Lived on a commune (Padanaram) for a while. First lived in a cave, and would cut timber in the daytime. The FBI was looking for him, and he had a beard, and they showed him a picture of himself, he said, “No. Never have seen him before.” He is now deceased, lung cancer.”

Please read the comments below for more about Jim Lee Mundy.

Jason Mundy

In Gulf War, Mundy on June 28, 2009 at 1:00 am

Mundy, Jason

US Navy

Joyce, “Jim Mundy’s son.”